Baltimore City Paper’s Eat Ads

Baltimore City Paper is a free weekly newspaper that gives insight into Baltimore events and life in Charm City.


Baltimore City Paper has an annual magazine that celebrates the local restaurants in the city. Every year, the paper gives out awards to the best restaurants rated by the readers. Restaurants will also buy ad space in the magazine to help bring customers into the . With so many ads, Baltimore City Paper needed to ads for these restaurants that are eye catching for their clients—Baltimore restaurants—and their readers.


I created a series of ads that reflected the nature of these restaurants to provide an ambiance for the newspaper’s readers. Mr. Yogato, a local frozen yogurt shop, is noted for being quirky as it has vintage video games and board games to play while eating your frozen yogurt. I played on bright colors and a background pattern to reflect this fun nature the shop and also highlight their brand. The Point, a casual dining restaurant and bar in Fells Point, is know for having a darker ambiance with a dark, wooden bar and dim lighting in the dining area. I highlighted this rustic nature of the establishment by picking on the natural dark browns and brought a sense of sophistication by using flourishes to frame the ad. Sticky Rice, a noted sushi restaurant, is known for having an daring yet eclectic vibe. I decided to be a little brave and depict photographs coming out of a bowl of rice—something the Sticky Rice has never done. It was different from any other ad they had seen and loved the boldness of the ad.