Don Brown Group Benefits

Don Brown Group Benefits is a small business that provides employment benefit services for smaller companies all over the United States. Working out of his basement in Bowie, Maryland, Don Brown—owner of Don Brown Group Benefits—has been in business since 1989 and prides himself on providing employee health, dental, retirement, and self-funded plans for small companies and businesses.


The clientele of Don Brown Group Benefits was acquired from referrals. Don Brown wanted a brand that would accelerate his business but still play into the small, intimate factor of assisting employees. He wanted a brand that reflected the nature of his company but also his statue within the benefits business. This brand would also reflect within marketing materials, stationery, and a new website.


Don Brown comes from a family of key makers and would often have key motifs throughout his home. Considering Don Brown had this close-knit family structure, I found it imperative to use the element of the keys as the focus of his brand. I illustrated up with traditional key figure embarks with the basic foundation and the founding idea of businesses using benefits to help their employees work and thrive. The elements of gold and blue in the mark represents the essence of economic and physical importance of having employee benefits. The tagline also plays with the elements of keys and business as employee benefits and investing in employees makes a successful business. The key with business motif eventually makes it way to the website with the brand colors and key-based imagery that play off with the brand.