EnRoute is a service based application based around the concept of roadtrips. This application was created as a piece during Adobe’s Creative Jam XD competition.


Adobe’s Creative Team reached out to me via my Behance site and asked if a partner and me to compete in Adobe’s Creative Jam competition. I asked my colleague, Ricky Phuong, to join me as my partner fas he and I studied User Experience design at General Assembly. Together, we were prompted to build prototype with only using Adobe XD, a prototyping software that was in its beta stage. The true challenge was designing a prototype based on a theme that was unknown to any of the contestants before the competition. The theme of Better Together was revealed as we, the contestants, had three hours to design to design a prototype.


Ricky and I began exploring the theme of better together and how people interact with one another. During our brainstorming session, we realized that what really brings people together are shared memories and adventures out of familiar territory. We began to think about road trips provide those memories as you travel across the country; however they aren’t as common as they once were several years ago. The problem we realized when it came to road trips is that people today dread being in a car for extensive amounts of time due to boredom, are afraid its going to cost too much gas to go alone, and are apprehensive to get in a car with someone they don’t know. As soon as we established the problem, we jumped into wire framing and infinity mapping to solve the problem.


My partner Ricky and I came up with a mobile application that helped solve the problem of preventing road trips from being long and tedious while still being cost effective and safe. The app open up as a map based app where you can find participants of the app within a defined area who are currently looking to go about a trip. Here users can see destinations, the limit to how many passengers and other journey requirements. The app allows the user to open up driver profiles to do not only a safety check about the driver but also a personality profile for the journey ahead. Users of the app also have the option to switch from rider to driver with a flick of a switch found at the bottom of the user profiles. Chat messaging is also included in enRoute for coordination purposes and logistical set ups for the driver and the potential rider. This app was well received at Adobe XD Creative Jam that Ricky and I received third place of the popular vote.