Food Truck Fiesta

Food Truck Fiesta is a DC based organization that engages Washingtonians by promote D.C. based restaurants by eating locally. Food Truck Fiesta hosts daily information on the geo-locations of local food-trucks and what hours they are working. Food Truck Fiesta also host several events around the year that engage the community to eat from D.C.’s top food trucks.


Food Truck Fiesta is well known throughout the Washington D.C. metro area and its “foodie” culture by engaging its users though social media and their website tracker. Despite the gaining exposure of their services, many users have hard time recognizing to the brand. When attending events or going to new trucks, many users aren’t sure if it’s approved by the online organization because of a lack of brand presence. The brand gets lost amongst the brands of other food trucks and its not recognizable at a quick glance.


I decided to approach this new found engagement with a logo redesign for Food Truck Fiesta. I choose to incorporate elements from the previous logo but modernize it for a digital arena. I decided to take a classic fork and spoon silhouette as an icon for brand. The spoon also represents a maraca to play on the fun nature of the organization name. To incorporate the location specific nature of Food Truck Fiesta, I added elements of the D.C. flag within the flavorful design of the maraca. The text stacks below the icon creating a nice square like shape which is the perfect size for social media user profiles. The shape also engages well as a stamp like figure in printed materials for public events. To pay homage to the origins of the organization, I incorporated the colors of the previous logo but refreshed the saturation.