Next Phase

Next Phase is a workout studio that focuses on creating a community-based atmosphere by offering affordable classes. They focus on well-being at the pace of their individual customers by providing a non-contract, and non-memberships commitments. Next Phase was introduced to me by fellow designer and friend Kelly Sharon.


Having been based in Bethesda, Maryland, Next Phase was opening up a second location of their studio in Arlington, Virginia. Next Phase wanted to gain new clients in a new city and needed some promotional items. However, due to the fact that the studio was opening up within a week’s time, Next Phase needed a quick solution that would spread the word about the new studio opening.


After discussions with the client, Next Phase and I established that we needed to make flyers that would target specific apartment complexes and local exercise clothing stores near the new studio. For the flyers, I choose to look for some public domain images that reflected the nature of the classes as well as the target demographic of the Arlington area clientele. I kept the typefaces and color within the Next Phase brand to play as a good recognizer for viewers who would go to the website after reading the flyers. Next Phase’s studio launch met with great success as classes were filling up with Arlington locals and even some residents from Washington D.C.