Pure Paws Angels

Pure Paws Angels is a pet grooming product line from a Texas-based animal rescue whose focus is find forever homes for stray animals. Pure Paws takes in stay animals, bathes and grooms them, and then help find them forever homes.


Pure Paws wanted to stand out in their trade shows and make their team look cohesive while marketing their services and products. Pure Paws came to me needing shirt designs to stand out in trade shows and help bring awareness for their philanthropy. They also wanted shirts to help promote their message in through social media.


I created a front and back design based on their logo and their presences within the trade shows. I took their current logo and placed it within a seal format with handwritten typography. I then took the wings and placed it on the back of the shirt to represent the members of the team as “angels on earth”. I added their hashtag on the back so to help build their social media presence as well.

Model: Jordan Muzquiz.