September Must Haves

Blue Mercury is a retailer that brings high-end, good quality beauty products away from the drug store and into an unique shopping experience.


Blue Mercury was looking for a way to drive sales of newly acquired products and drive more foot traffic into their stores for the month of September. They were also trying to find the away to drive sales toward their spa services. Blue Mercury also wanted to celebrate their 16th anniversary in business and . With so many factors to highlight, Blue Mercury needed a way to inform their customers but not overwhelm customers, deterring them away from their stores.


I conducted researched into Blue Mercury’s customer goals. Based on research and user interviews, I was able to decipher the main priorities that were driving customers to Blue Mercury. I was then able to weigh what the customer’s goals were with the goals of Blue Mercury and determine a means to move forward by creating prioritization lists. I was also able to determine what means would be the best to drive attention in this case an eblast. Once the medium was established, I created layouts and compositions that would reflect my research as well as stay within the brand.


I created an email blast template that would help drive product sales and customer traffic. I referenced previous eblasts that. I created a piece which focused on the new September products, but also reflected the new season of products. I called attention to the prices of the top September products for my research showed that the customers were more price driven. I divided secondary information—Marla’s blog and the 16th Anniversary information—below the September products for research showed these items were least of a priority for customers, but more of a priority for Blue Mercury. To bring in more spa customers, I placed a “Book Now” button as a call to action once the user was done scrolling through the eblast. This eblast was able to drive more customers in to purchase the new September products as well as gain new foot traffic into their spas.