Sonova Advertisements

The Symphony Orchestra of Northern Virginia (SONOVA) is the largest, independent, professional-quality symphony based in Arlington County. SONOVA performs throughout the Mid Atlantic region with arts organizations as wide ranging as renaissance choirs, tap dance companies, symphonic choirs, and Broadway artists. SONOVA routinely performs with world class guest artists, conductors, and musicians, and places special importance on collaborations and American and world premieres.


SONOVA wanted to gain more attraction to their concerts and engage not only people within Arlington County, but within the Washington D.C. metro region. They needed advertisements, pamphlets, and flyers that would preview the upcoming symphonies as well as engage the community. Considering SONVA is a non-profit, they needed low-cost options to advertise,


I have created a series of posters that could be printed our on paper and projected onto social media. Each month, I listen to the music that SONOVA will be preforming then use imagery that reflects the mood and feel of the music. I create these flyers at 8.5 x 11 to be passed out during performances, while deconstructing the flyers as banners for Facebook. Because of these ads, SONOVA is very content with the work itself and the fact that more patrons are coming from the web.