Tempest is an agency of developers that work together in the digital space. Their work consists of variety of cloud-based services such as migration, architecture, and consulting, in addition to understanding e-commerce and website development.


Most of Tempest’s clients have been through referral or word of mouth. As the members decided to come together to create one agency, they needed a brand to represent their consolidation and a visual representation of the work that they do. A logo was need to be created to help gain some new traction and help build their agency into a thriving company with new clients and new projects.


When meeting with the client, the client remarked that people are wary about cloud technology because it is still unfamiliar to the average person. Thus the term “tempest” was fitting  for the bran considering a tempest alludes to a storm or a negative event. The client also planned on using their logo on a website and throughout social media. Knowing this, I decided to create a logo that gave a simple, yet dark and digital look to it that could easily be recognizable on social media platforms. I constructed a logo that used a letter form as well as some form of iconography of a cloud. I played with icons of wind, storms, and gusts of clouds to play off of the nature of the technology that Tempest works with. I focused on outlines and ports, as they portray wires and connectivity. I also wanted to play with a dark grayscale color scheme with a hint of an electric yellow to play off of colors that would be found within a storm itself. The logo simply plays on elements off of the technology and the nature of the work. The logo is easily modular as you can separate the letterform from the icon, and the brand is still recognizable.