Travel Posters


Whenever I travel, I take a ton of photographs to remind me of my experience. However, the instant I come back, I upload them to my hard drive only to let my memories fade on my hard drive. During one of my periodic hard drive clean ups, I stumbled upon the thousands of digital images that I collected during my travels. I decided to renew these photographs as a person challenge to myself. But in which way to repurpose them?


When looking at my photographs, the images almost seemed to be like these experiences were almost a dream. It brought me back to that feeling of desire from vintage travel posters from the 1930s. I wanted to created that sense of desire and parallel it with almost a dream like element. I decided to layer images on top of each other and blend the layers to work with one another—playing off similar style of double negative photography. Each layer of photographs had a meaning in and a purpose with how they are interpreted. The first layer was always an iconic building from the depicted city. The second layer was a faint texture, pattern, tapestry, or reoccurring that stuck out to me during my travels. The third layer was a highlight of the trip that stuck out my memory mixed with a solid color layer that was often found in the landscape of the city depicted. These posters have created more meaningful in the photographs I have taken. It has inspired me to create more than just one per city.


Stay tuned for more posters…