Hi there! I am Elizabeth, the designer of this site.

I am a branding, UX, and visual designer with a clean aesthetic and passion for connecting people.

With over six years of experience, I have worked for various design firms around the District of Columbia. As a designer at Potomac Communications Group (PCG), my work reflects a great balance form and function for my clients’ messages. I also work as PCG’s in-house designer with various marketing materials that help promote PCG as a whole. Aside from working at PCG, I also freelance on the weekends for various clients on a variety of digital and print based projects.

Outside of the office, I am an active member in the digital community of Washington D.C through volunteering and attending design based events. I am a member of the national chapters of AIGA and Creative Mornings as well as a member of other local design-based groups. I currently reside as D.C. chapter lead of Ladies, Wine and Design—a salon-based organization for the empowerment of female designers. With the belief that design is constantly evolving, I obtained a certificate of completion in a User Experience Design course with General Assembly.

Aside from the design world, I like to travel to foreign cities, create new culinary dishes, dance in Zumba class, and listen to as many podcasts as I can. My off-screen life is where I am able to think of new ideas, experience new things, and express myself creatively.

There is never a dull moment when it comes to the work that I do. Design motivates me to do better and create more for the clients I work with.