Hi there! I am Elizabeth, but feel free to call me Beth.

I am a designer who likes to solve problems in order to help connect people. I thrive in creating pleasing aesthetics and functional solutions. With over six years experience, I excel in noteworthy design that displays thought and tact.

I currently reside as a Senior Designer at Potomac Communications Group (PCG), where my work reflects the visual and strategic needs of my client’s communication goals. I have worked on a variety of projects such as social media campaigns, website redesigns, and a variety of advertising media. I currently am working on a website based on the education and further development of safe, nuclear technologies in South East Asia. I also play the role as PCG’s in-house designer with various marketing materials that help promote PCG as a whole. I currently have led the company’s rebrand by developing the new PCG logo, brand guidelines, factsheets, business cards, stationary, and marketing videos.

Outside of the office, I am an active member within the design community within Washington D.C. I am a member of AIGA, Creative Mornings, General Assembly Alumni. I currently reside as chapter host of Ladies, Wine and Design of Washington D.C., a worldwide organization that focuses on the empowerment of female designers. As chapter host, I create and organize monthly events that help inspire, educate, and inform female designers how to make the most of their potential. On the weekends, I do freelance work for local businesses around the metropolitan area, including Next Phase, SONOVA, and Kate Abt Design. My freelance work consists of all types of projects from flyers, brochures, and logos to social media posts, websites, and prototypes.

As a designer, I am really good at differentiating between the wants of the stakeholders versus the needs of a given audience. I design with empathy as I have the ability to take myself out of my own environment and focus on the all perspectives and channel it into one. I am great at working fast under tight deadlines without loosing focus for the overall project goal. I am really good at finding beauty and inspiration from everyday things, and using those elements in my work.

There is never a dull moment when it comes to the work that I do. Design motivates me to do better and create more for the clients I work with.